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Why buy an Alvecote Dexter?

Dexter Cow and Calf

Stock sometimes available upon request

There are Dexters and there are Dexters - a registration certificate is proof of parentage it is not proof that it is desirable or suitable to breed from.

All offspring produced from my considered breeding programme are handled from birth and receive every care and attention possible in order to help them fulfil their potential. I take great care when rehoming my cattle and try to ensure that your prospective purchase matches your requirements as closely as possible. If I feel that I have something suitable I will make arrangements for you to visit the herd at a time convenient to you. Photographs and pedigree certificates are available on request.

Being a member of a cattle health scheme provides reassurance that I am doing all that I can to protect my herd and so in turn offer you the assurance that you are not buying in trouble. If you are establishing a new herd and wish to continue with health assurance you will able to achieve 'elite' health status following one satisfactory test after a three month period, saving you time and money as it normally takes 3 years to achieve this health status. For further information please follow the link (CHeCS) at the bottom of the page.

Due to health scheme regulations I do not hire out bulls or take visiting cows however I do have AI straws available to purchase stored at Genus.

Quality Dexter Cattle

My philosophy is to provide the very best for my cattle right from the start, in terms of good nutrition, management and health care and this is reflected in the quality of animals offered for sale. I specialise in producing red, dual purpose Dexter cattle.

Elite Health Status

My herd is accredited free of BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johne's Disease (Risk Level 1). When making what will hopefully be a long-term investment choosing health accredited stock is an important and cost effective consideration because there is no government compensation scheme for identifying and removing infected animals. I also subscribe to the bTB scheme and officially accredited as a 'low risk' (Level 10) holding.

Ongoing Support

If you are new to the breed or indeed are new to keeping cattle, it is comforting to know that my commitment does not end when the sale is concluded. All my cattle come with a comprehensive information pack. I also provide telephone support for as long as you feel you need it and can arrange delivery of your purchase.


Jacqui Parkes
Phone 01974 821522
Mobile 07980 642734
Email alvecoteherd at btinternet dot com